Our Story

We are a limited liability company, incorporated in Uganda in March 2014. We are specialized in processing and selling of specialty coffee products to urban middle income earners and the recycling of coffee wastes into local organic coffee brewers and export of roasted and ground coffee to international markets in Asia, USA, and Europe


Why Choose Us


Volcano coffee is about becoming better and better each day. Our Mission and Quality statements are a pledge to our coffee farmers and customers that every member of the volcano family has a common goal and a common vision based on the company polices.


To anticipate our customers’ needs and satisfy them in a fun and informative way with products and services that conserves and respects the environment, reward our investors and create benefits “from crop to cup statement.”

About Volcano Coffee

Volcano coffee ltd is the only coffee company in Uganda that is producing specialty coffee products and delivering them conveniently to middle-income urban earners through strategically located coffee shops that they can conveniently access during their preferred coffee consuming times (morning rush hours to work and evening hours after work). By attaching the fair trade and traceability story to our products, we provide the consumers a safe guarantee that they are consuming a safe product which was sourced from a rural small-holder farmers at fair prices and tested for quality through a proven cup-testing process. In so doing, our quality demands drive better prices for farmers, motivating them to produce more coffee and also inspire local consumers to choose consuming a locally sourced and affordable product. This enables us increase local production and consumption, which is still as low as 42,000 tons of coffee per year (5% of total local production per year according to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority).

Values of Volcano coffee

To offer Ugandan gourmet coffees, fine food products and specialty gifts in customer-friendly environments.  We are committed to constant improvement, environmental protection and the following fundamental principles:


We work as a team, communicating constantly in a simple, sincere, honest and timely manner as per our in house policies.


We exceed the expectations of our customers, coworkers and investors by producing results on time, in full and with close attention to details.


We anticipate needs and desires to create innovative and profitable ways to ensure satisfaction.


We believe in doing the right thing. We respect and adhere to all applicable regulations and are accountable for the use of resources and knowledge.

Quality assurance

Our signature coffee certification program will reflect our commitments to 100% quality of Ugandan coffees.

Our Team

Gerald Katabazi
Managing Director
Lawrene Kibuuka
Sustainability Manager
Nalubega Noeline