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Volcano coffee is a Ugandan brand name that was established in February, 2007 and was registered on 15 May, 2008 and since then it has been roasting, brewing and coffee trade. Volcano coffee is a coffee company national in scope, Ugandan by origin, and specialty grade by nature. Volcano coffee’s main goal is to become the BEST IN UGANDA.

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Rwenzori Rift Ranges. At the foot hills of the Rwenzori national park where the highlands of the albetine rifts descends towards the western rim of lake George basin lies the high to mid lowlands of the majestic region, these western most coffee plantations share elephants and other major Africa’s big game, the cup springs at you like the impalas tat dwell among them, it is extremely chocolate, FLORAL AND Jasmine notes.

Lake Victoria is a rich lake region, where Uganda’s tall Robusta volcanic coffee trees are nourished with pure water and volcanic soils. The coffee is as unique and complex as the micro-climatic characteristics of the region blossoming with berry, pecan and floral notes.

 Lake Bunyonyi provides an ideal climate for the finest Arabica coffees with a rolling green forest along the shores. Coffees from this region grow slowly from 1500-2,300 above the sea level. this region boosts of two harvests in year and its gifted volcanic soils allows the crop to yield the most amazing set complex coffee enough to dazzle the best connoisseurs in the business. Its complicity is shared with SPICE,TEA and COCOA.

The falls of this river of west Nile valley support coffee plantations at 2000-22oo high sea level and extending from DR-Congo rain forest and some other parts of West Nile.

These ideal conditions across this part of the country produce a cup that is clean and smooth, with a balanced BERRY, SPICE&BRIGHT matrix bellowing in a lovely floral over tons.


This volcanic mountain that lies in the eastern parts of Uganda play host to the famous silverbucks mountain office.

This amount also over looks some of the best Uganda’s highest grown coffees in a climatic offing cool conditions with plenty of  rich sun and grown in rich volcanic soils, that allows coffee to ripen slowly  assuring enrich cherries.

The cup from this region is sure to be dazzling with SWEET,CLEAN&BERRY  notes and a lively acidic punch line that is sure to live you palate guessing.